Peter Jordan 'Field Guide to Edible Mushrooms'

18 Nov 2020 13:43 | Daniel Butler

As some of you may know, I have been working on a rejig of one of Peter Jordan's many field guides for Bloomsbury Publishing. I submitted the text and photos a week before the deadline (31 October). One of the things I was asked to do was to cut the 100-odd species entries down to 150 words (many of the originals were 250 - 300 words). At first everything seemed fine, but after two weeks I suddenly got an angry letter telling me I had cut the 21,000 words to 17,000 words. Two days later - without any further explanation - I was told my work was substandard and Bloomsbury was cancelling my contract and there was to be no further discussion. I have also discovered another publisher is looking for someone to do a revision of 'The Ultimate Mushroom Book'. Now I am not doing a sob-sob story here, but it is a warning to others to be very wary should they get an approach from a publisher about a reprint of Peter Jordan's works. 

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