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Foraging Teacher and Mushroom Grower. Ecologist and biodynamic mushroom farmer running seasonal foraging workshops on native plants and fungi in central Scotland and beyond. Also available for private groups or individuals and can provide detailed botanical and mycological surveys and habitat reports..

Matthew has a BSc (Hons) degree in Ecology. He is a qualified Botanical Surveyor and a Member of the British Mycological Society. He started his career surveying river and coastal habitats and grassland species. With his brother William Rooney he set up Mushroom Table, Europe's first biodynamically certified mushroom growing farm in 1995 and the Suffolk variety of reishi was named after them by Kew - Ganoderma lucidum rooney. Matthew is an expert in propagating wild mushrooms to produce native growing strains suited to the local environment. He is a passionate environmentalist and an expert foraging teacher.
United Kingdom
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Scotland - Central
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Scotland, London, Eng - SW, Eng - E, Eng - SE,, Ireland

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