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I consider myself very fortunate to live in the stunning County Wicklow, Ireland. I am happiest surrounded by trees and observing the changing seasons. I am a keen forager and spend much time wandering the hedgerows and forests for wild local food to preserve as food or medicine or to add to my fermented food and drinks.

I am a proud member of the Association of Foragers. I am very passionate about wild food and in particular, fungi. I have safely foraged for and consumed about 100 wild mushrooms as food or medicine. I can identify many edible, medicinal, toxic or deadly fungi and show you what to be careful of and show you how to begin the journey of safe learning, step by step. I process wild or cultivated mushrooms into herbal tinctures, teas, salves and delicious food.

I am passionate about the learning process and am able to clearly communicate what i know and the passion I feel for the hard won knowledge and experience that I have acquired. I tend to dive deeply into the things that interest me and pride myself in my ability to teach others about the magic of the natural world and how to feed and nourish our bodies and souls with these wild foods and fungi.

I share my knowledge and experience through foraging walks and tours, workshops, crafting and recipes. I have also been sharing these skills and knowledge in workshops and events throughout Ireland and invited as a speaker in various seminars such as Herb Feast, Fumbally Stables EAT:ITH and festivals and local Permaculture Design Courses, etc.

"Courtney’s passion, knowledge and her ability to clearly explain and share the excitement and to re-kindle the reconnection to the wild around and within us is what you can expect if you join her on one of her events."

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