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Charlotte Flower Chocolates
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Foraging Chef
Charlotte Flower runs a chocolate making business in Highland Perthshire, Scotland. The chocolates are flavoured throughout the year with wild foraged plants and fungi, and Charlotte matches them with different craft chocolates from around the world. Ethical trade, artisanal craft, ecology and the environment are underlying principles of the business and for over 10 years Charlotte has developed a customer base across the UK.
Charlotte forages for the flavours herself, mainly in the immediate area around her home, but for sea weeds and coastal plants needs to visit places a little further afield than land locked Loch Tay. She continually looks to incorporate different flavours – plants, fungi, fruits – in different ways into the chocolate and this also means exploring different processing methods – fermenting, drying, crystalising, enfleurage, etc.
In addition to selling chocolate products, Charlotte runs tasting events, both online and in person, as well as chocolate making workshops. Over the last two years she has also been running foraging and chocolate tasting walks in and around her immediate area. The stories behind wild flavours, the history of their use and the ecology of the plants themselves are all really important to her, and whenever possible, she attempts to communicate these as well as just how delicious they are with chocolate.
United Kingdom
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Acharn, Aberfeldy, PH15 2HS
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Highland Perthshire, Scotland

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